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LinkedIn Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Skill Assessment

LinkedIn  Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Exam Type: LinkedIn Test Answers
Expected positions: Top 5%, Top 15%, Top 30%
Last Updated: July 2024

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LinkedIn Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Exam Answers 2024

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

It is no more an effective approach to mention hot areas as your key skills. Being a GCP developer, it adds more responsibility on your shoulders to give proof of your practical knowledge. If you want to be considered as a serious professional then you will have to demonstrate the skills regarding Cloud Shell, APIs, using the Console, Data storage, Serverless computing, and machine learning.
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Google Cloud Platform (GCP) assessment LinkedIn answers

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GCP LinkedIn assessment benefits

  • You will win a badge for passing this particular assessment.
  • Your skills will be appreciated by a huge audience and recruiters. 
  • You will start receiving relevant job alerts.
  • Your friends will be able to acknowledge your abilities through skill endorsement features.
  • You will be able to win the secure position, ultimately this will take your income high.

Years of knowledge required to handle real-world scenarios

You should have an exceptional knowledge about Services, Files, Setup, Machine learning, Data, Security, and many other latest topics. We have seen individuals who fall short even after having good knowledge. These topics have been turned into typical scenarios and the restricted time limit makes it impossible to deal with.
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Linkedin GCP assessment answers

You need to deploy Redis with unique persistent identities and stable hostnames on GKE. What type of deployment object do you use?

  •  GCP deployment
  •  YAML configuration file
  •  Python nested template
  •  stateful set

GCP linkedin assessment

You want to try out a machine-learning TensorFlow example notebook with the fewest configuration steps on GCP. What do you do?

  • Create a notebook instance with TPU. Upload the notebook to the instance.
  • Upload the notebook to Google Colaboratory. Set the hardware accelerator to use TPU.
  • Create a notebook instance with GPU. Upload the notebook to the instance.
  • Upload the notebook to Google Colaboratory. Set the hardware accelerator to use GPU.

Google Cloud Platform linkedin learning

You need to configure a data retention policy for a Cloud Storage bucket to govern how long objects in the bucket must be retained. What feature do you enable?

  • Requester Pays
  • Encryption Type
  • Bucket Lock
  • Bucket Policy Only

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) assessment linkedin answers

To be able to configure an existing Cloud Function, what information should you review and from which location?

  • execution time in Stackdriver logs
  • execution time in Cloud Storage logs
  • text payload in Stackdriver logs
  • text payload in Cloud Storage logs

GCP linkedin learning

You want to configure services to host a mobile application that uses TensorFlow Lite models. Which services should you use?

  • Cloud Functions and ML Kit
  • Firebase and AI Platform jobs
  • Firebase and ML Kit
  • Cloud Functions and AI Platform jobs

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