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LinkedIn Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) Skill Assessment

LinkedIn  Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) Exam Type: LinkedIn Test Answers
Expected positions: Top 5%, Top 15%, Top 30%
Last Updated: June 2024

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LinkedIn Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) Exam Answers 2024

OOP linkedin quiz answers

What is the best reason to use a design pattern?

  • It will result in code that is more extensible and maintainable.
  • It will result in a more compact product.
  • It will speed initial development.
  • It will allow you to add that design pattern to your resume.

OOP linkedin assessment

What is encapsulation?

  • using words to define classes
  • defining classes by focusing on what is important for a purpose
  • hiding the data and implementation details within a class
  • making all methods private

OOP linkedin quiz answers

What is an IS-A relationship?

  • It implies encapsulation.
  • A subclass object has an IS-A relationship with its superclass or interface.
  • It implies a virtual method.
  • A superclass object has an IS-A relationship with its subclass.

 OOP linkedin assessment

You want a method with behavior similar to a virtual method—it is meant to be overridden—except that it does not have a method body. It just has a method signature. What kind of method should you use?

  • an abstract method
  • a protected internal method
  • a public internal method
  • an internal method

OOP linkedin learning

Which code creates a new object from the Employee class?

  • Employee currentEmployee = new Employee();
  • Employee currentEmployee;
  • Employee currentEmployee = Employee.New();
  • Employee currentEmployee = Employee.Create();

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) assessment linkedin answers

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Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) assessment

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