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LinkedIn JSON Skill Assessment

LinkedIn  JSON Exam Type: LinkedIn Test Answers
Expected positions: Top 5%, Top 15%, Top 30%
Last Updated: May 2024

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LinkedIn JSON Exam Answers 2024


You must be willing to get hired by a multinational company as a JSON expert. This can be true if you show your practical skills through LinkedIn JSON assessment. It won’t be enough to list hot skills (API documentation, documenting structured data, working with common data types, etc..) as your key skills without demonstrating them. 
The best approach is to show your abilities so that recruiters hire you according to your skills and domain. This particular assessment helps recruiters to pick the professionals carrying the desired skills. 

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Outcomes of passing this assessment

  • You will win a badge for passing this assessment.
  • Your fellows will acknowledge your skills through skill endorsement.
  • Everyone will appreciate your way of showcasing the skills.
  • Recruiters will consider you first for any relevant job.
  • Your profile will start receiving relevant job alerts.
  • You can join a reputed institute and this will take your income high.

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Our professionals have exceptional knowledge of Strings, Objects, Javascript, Advanced Concepts, Usage & limitation, and many advanced topics. They are pretty effective even if these topics are converted into complex scenarios. They know how to diagnose the scenario and figure out the solution within a minute. Overall, it won’t be straightforward LinkedIn JSON quiz answers.

Your profile means everything to you

In the online world, nothing can present you better than your profile. If you elaborate your profile with all the necessities then you will make your introduction thorough and detailed. No doubt, you can fulfill most of the tasks associated with your LinkedIn profile, except skill assessments. 


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JSON Linkedin learning

What character do you specify before a JSON control character when you want to use that control characters as a literal part of a string?

  • /
  • {
  • \
  • :

Linkedin JSON Quiz answers

Which data type is part of the JSON standard?

  • map
  • Boolean
  • promise
  • Function

 JSON tutorial Linkedin

Which key name is used to specify properties that must be included for JSON to be valid?

  • required
  • important
  • base
  • core

Linkedin JSON test

How do you store several paragraphs of text as a string in JSON?

Escape line breaks.

Escape all whitespace except space characters.

Remove all whitespace.

Escape paragraphs.

Linkedin JSON assessment

What data type is represented by the value of the key/value pair shown?

loggedIn: true

  • number
  • Booleanf
  • object
  • string

JSON Linkedin Quiz answers

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