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LinkedIn Hadoop Skill Assessment

LinkedIn  Hadoop Exam Type: LinkedIn Test Answers
Expected positions: Top 5%, Top 15%, Top 30%
Last Updated: June 2024

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LinkedIn Hadoop Exam Answers 2024


If you want to be considered as a dynamic Hadoop expert or developer then you will have to demonstrate its key areas. Like you need to prove that you know everything about MapReduce, setting up development environments, basic code queries, and building workflows. Hence, you can stay on top as compared to everyone else who is just listing these skills as his key skills but not giving proof. 
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You should be exceptionally well in diagnosing typical scenarios consisting of MapReduce, Hadoop concepts, Hadoop components, Hadoop optimization, Hadoop Common, and many other leading topics. 
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Linkedin Hadoop assessment answers

Hadoop Auth enforces authentication on protected resources. Once authentication has been established, it sets what type of authenticating cookie?

  • encrypted HTTP
  • compressed HTTP
  • unsigned HTTP
  • signed HTTP

Linkedin Hadoop Quiz

MapReduce jobs can be written in which language?

  • Python or SQL
  • SQL or Java
  • Java or Python
  • SQL only

Hadoop linkedin assessment answers

To perform local aggregation of the intermediate outputs, MapReduce users can optionally specify which object?

  • Combiner
  • Counter
  • Mapper
  • Reducer

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