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LinkedIn Microsoft Power BI Skill Assessment

LinkedIn  Microsoft Power BI Exam Type: LinkedIn Test Answers
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Last Updated: May 2024

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LinkedIn Microsoft Power BI Exam Answers 2024

Microsoft Power BI

It won’t be considered sufficient if you have mentioned yourself as a Power BI expert but not demonstrating skills regarding data visualization, analysis of data, and enhancing strategic planning. Hence, you will be considered among all those individuals who are not ready to provide proof of their key skills. 
Thing is, linked experts are interested in finding out the practical personals with more precise skills. So they are relying on Microsoft Power BI Linkedin skill assessment to best screen their required candidates. 

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You need to be aware of the obstacles 

Power BI Linkedin assessment questions have been converted into scenarios by the Linkedin experts. This means, you will be facing ambiguous scenarios with various situations and ultimately their answers will be varying as well depending on the situations. 
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Power BI Linkedin assessment questions

In Power BI service, deleted pages are available after deletion until _____.?

  • midnight of the day on which they are deleted
  • the next billing cycle
  • the report has been saved
  • you empty the Recycle Bin

Linkedin Power BI assessment answers

You need to add a required color to a bar chart. How can you add an exact color value to an existing bar chart?

  • You cannot select custom colors in a bar chart or related visual.
  • Enter the hex value into the color formatting options.
  • Click the color in the visual (e.g., the bars) and right-click to select the color.
  • Select the value closest to this color from the color formatting options.

Advanced Microsoft Power BI linkedin

The Excel function IF is nearly the same as which DAX function?

  • IF
  • IFS
  • IFX

Microsoft Power BI Linkedin skill assessment

Consider the Power BI extract, transform, and load process (ETL). During this process, data is read and then _____.?

  • stored in SQL Server
  • assigned a data type
  • sorted by primary key
  • written to an OLAP cube

Microsoft Power BI Linkedin assessment answers

Power BI's Publish to Web option allows you to embed visualizations within _____. ?(Select all that apply.)

A. blog posts

B. email messages

C. web sites

D. text messages

  • A, B, C, D
  • A, C
  • C
  • A, B, C

Microsoft Power BI Linkedin learning

Linkedin learning Power BI

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