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LinkedIn ArcGIS Products Skill Assessment

LinkedIn  ArcGIS Products Exam Type: LinkedIn Test Answers
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Last Updated: July 2024

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LinkedIn ArcGIS Products Exam Answers 2024

ArcGIS Products 

You have a chance to prove your practical knowledge if you are advertising yourself as an expert in Spatial analyst, Cartography expert, and database manager. Yes, you need to take the Linkedin ArcGIS assessment first, then you will be considered as the most serious professional. 
Skill Assessment feature gives you the advantage that you will be selected for the most precise job, ultimately the employer will be able to come across the most accurate professional.

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ArcGIS assessment is going to test your knowledge about Data analysis, User interfaces, Geodatabases, Projection & coordinate systems, Map layout, and ArcGIS Pro. Hence, you should have years of practical knowledge to handle all these terminologies through typical scenarios. 
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Linkedin Arcgis Quiz answers

If someone gives you a paper map and you want to add it to your GIS, what is the process?

  • Scan the paper map and save it as a raster file (.tiff, .jpg, or other supported format), add the raster to ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro and georeference it.
  • Scan the paper map and save it as a raster file (.tiff, .jpg, or other supported format), and then run the RasterToVector tool.
  • There is no way to bring a paper map into ArcGIS.
  • Create new feature classes to hold the information from the paper map, add the feature classes to a map in ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro, and sketch the features into the new feature classes.

Arcgis products assessment Linkedin

Which type of data stores information in a grid, with each cell having a numerical value?

  • Raster
  • Polygon
  • Vector
  • KML

Arcgis products assessment Linkedin answers

Which of the following represents a normalized dataset?

  • the number of single family houses in a state divided by the number of apartments in the state
  • number of voters in a district divided by the population of the district
  • number of students in a city plus the number of retirees in the city
  • number of cows in a county times the number of counties in a state

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