Frequently Asked Questions

What we offer?
We help you pass tests, tests, tests via Teamviewer with high score guarantee i.e 80% plus.

How it works
You have to contact us and get in-touch with us on our Skype, Our Skype ID: ElanceTestAnswers
We will discuss your tests requirements and payment options. Once that is sorted out we will arrange a TeamViewer session with you to do your test safely and securely with TOP positions guarantee.
Once we finish the session we will ask for your satisfaction. If you are satisfied with our services we will then and only then consider it done.

Which position can i get in Elance Skill exam with your products?
You can easily get Top positions like 80% or more for and tests, TOP 10% for tests.

Can I get PDF or document of questions answers so I can take test myself?
We don't sale content/pdf/answers. We provide services via Teamviewer only.
These exams get frequent updates and plus we give results guarantee so we need to take test ourselves to ensure you get top positions because if our experts are unable to get promised positions, you will definitely get free test as replacements.

Can I pass test 1st then pay ?
We only work on advance payment.
Plus there is no delay in our services. We will only ask you to pay when we are ready on our end to start test. That mean right after you pay we will start session within 5-10 minutes. So no long waits.

What if i fail?, how to claim free exchange?
Ofcourse. Since our experts will be taking test, you will be right there watching while we do it. So incase we don’t deliver promised results i.e 80% or more. You are definitely eligible for free test as compensation.

Do I need to have a MAC or a PC?
We are fine with both.

* For Any futher assistance please contact us