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LinkedIn MATLAB Skill Assessment

LinkedIn  MATLAB Exam Type: LinkedIn Test Answers
Expected positions: Top 5%, Top 15%, Top 30%
Last Updated: June 2024

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LinkedIn MATLAB Exam Answers 2024


You will be considered an effective MATLAB engineer if you know the practical implementation of numeric computation used to analyze the data. Plus you should know about developing algorithms and creating models.
In simple words, you need to take a Matlab LinkedIn assessment to prove your practical exposure. Otherwise, you will be considered among those professionals who are just listing these hot skills within the profile but not giving the demonstrations. 

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You have few minutes to figure out the right Matlab LinkedIn answers

Linkedin experts have played smart by wrapping up all the latest terminologies into typical scenarios. You will be seeing real-world scenarios discussing things about User interfaces, Functions, Mathematics, Integrating domains, Input/Output files, OOP, Plotting, and many other leading topics. It gets difficult when you are given only a minute to diagnose the scenario and figure out the best answer.

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Our paid service assures you to best entertain you against the most crucial part of your LinkedIn profile. Our experts will show our authenticity through Linkedin Matlab quiz answers and encourage you to keep on passing all niche relevant assessments. 
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Linkedin MATLAB test answers

Which function could you use for multiple linear regression?

  • polyfit
  • regress
  • polyval
  • solve

Linkedin MATLAB Quiz answers

For which of these arrays do mean, median, and mode return the same value?

  • [0 1 1 1 1]
  • [1 3 5 5 6]
  • [0 0 5 5 5]
  • [0 1 1 1 2]

Linkedin MATLAB Skill Quiz

You are in the middle of a long MATLAB session where you have performed many analyses and made many plots. You run the following commands, yet a figure window doesn't pop up on the top of your screen with your plot. What might be the issue?

x = [-1:0.1:1];

y = x.^2;


  • Your plot is in a figure window that was already open, hidden behind other windows on your screen.
  • Your plot syntax is incorrect. is the size of b.
  • Your plot was saved to an image file but not displayed.
  • Your plot doesn't plot in a figure window because figure was not called immediately in advance.

Linkedin MATLAB assessment answers

How do you access the value for the field name in structure S?

  • S{'name'}
  • S['name']
  • S('name')

MATLAB linkedin answers

What built-in definition does i have?

  • index function
  • index variable
  • basic imaginary unit
  • infinity

MATLAB Linkedin assessment

MATLAB Linkedin Quiz answers

Linkedin MATLAB Course

Linkedin MATLAB Badge

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