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LinkedIn Autodesk Inventor Skill Assessment

LinkedIn  Autodesk Inventor Exam Type: LinkedIn Test Answers
Expected positions: Top 5%, Top 15%, Top 30%
Last Updated: July 2024

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LinkedIn Autodesk Inventor Exam Answers 2024

Autodesk Inventor

It is not enough to mention yourself as an Autodesk inventor Pro through the Linkedin profile. You need to prove your knowledge regarding the skills that you have added to your profile. 
Skill Assessment feature has allowed every recruiter to pick up the most relevant professional. You need to prove part modeling, assembly modeling, sketching, and advanced modeling techniques. 

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You need to have years of practical knowledge about Sketching, Analysis, Drawing, Modeling, presentation, parameters, and Assembly design if you want to crack this assessment. 
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Linkedin learning Autodesk inventor

When an assembly is placed inside another assembly, what does it become?

  • a subassembly
  • a consumed assembly
  • a mini assembly
  • a nested assembly

Linkedin Autodesk inventor Quiz answers

What is the purpose of the origin geometry?

  • to link multiple parts together in an assembly
  • to provide a fixed reference for any part or assembly in 3D space
  • to control all joints in an assembly
  • to control positioning for modeling features

Linkedin Autodesk inventor assessment test

What modeling feature do you use to hollow out a part?

  • Hollow
  • Revolve
  • Clear
  • Shell

Autodesk inventor Linkedin Quiz

When creating a drawing view, which view type is most commonly created first?

  • section view
  • initial view
  • projected view
  • base view

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