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LinkedIn REST API Skill Assessment

LinkedIn  REST API Exam Type: LinkedIn Test Answers
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Last Updated: May 2024

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LinkedIn REST API Exam Answers 2024

  Linkedin REST API assessment

APIs commonly use webhooks to _____.?

  • catch errors faster
  • notify other systems of an event
  • log additional data
  • improve error logging

Linkedin REST API Python

What is the underlying goal of all APIs?

  • to appease the latest digital transformation effort
  • to share features and functionality with other systems
  • to add new technologies to an organization's infrastructure
  • to move infrastructure to the cloud

Linkedin REST API Quiz

Which is a common command-line tool for using or exploring an API?

  • ssh
  • curl
  • PowerShell
  • bash

REST API Linkedin assessment answers

What is the modern specification for describing an API?

  • OAuth
  • OpenAPI (Swagger)
  • WADL
  • WSDL

Linkedin REST API example

Which HTTP verb is normally used to update or create a resource in an API?

  • POST

   Linkedin learning REST API

   REST API Linkedin learning

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