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LinkedIn Microsoft Access Skill Assessment

LinkedIn  Microsoft Access Exam Type: LinkedIn Test Answers
Expected positions: Top 5%, Top 15%, Top 30%
Last Updated: April 2024

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LinkedIn Microsoft Access Exam Answers 2024

Microsoft Access

Everyone will accept you as a dynamic Microsoft Access expert if you can demonstrate the skills listed within the profile. You need to show your practical skills, how to modify records and fields smartly, using macros, and integrating access for the sake of an effective database. 
In short, you need to take a Microsoft Access Linkedin assessment if you want to stay ahead. Recruiters will consider you first for the relevant jobs. Plus, you will be having an edge over those professionals who are not showing their practical exposure. 

100% verified LinkedIn Microsoft Access assessment answers

Your score will be as per your expectation. Yes, we are effective and hassle-free. We are claiming high because of our industry experts who have years of practical knowledge. Our subject matter experts believe in deep research and real environment testing to ensure the accuracy of our Microsoft Access LinkedIn quiz answers.
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You can enjoy the outcomes of taking assessment

  • You will win a badge for completing this specific assessment.
  • You will start receiving relevant job alerts frequently
  • Recruiters will consider you eligible for top positions.
  • Everyone will be convinced with your practical knowledge. 
  • Your colleagues will be able to acknowledge your skills through skill endorsement.
  • You will be able to achieve a top place for yourself in a multinational organization.

Years of knowledge required to beat the LinkedIn Microsoft Access Quiz

You may handle straightforward questions but LinkedIn experts are going to access your knowledge through typical scenarios. They will be testing your knowledge about Data Types, Relationships, Forms, Queries, Tables, Reports, Database designs, and Macros. 
Now here comes the twist, LinkedIn experts have wrapped all these topics into complex scenarios and you will be given only a minute to handle all this. 

Your profile will enable to you show yourself as a true professional

Everyone can fulfill most of the tasks associated with its profile. But when it comes to dealing with the Microsoft Access LinkedIn quiz, most professionals feel intimidating. We are believed to be the best source, able to handle not only the LinkedIn learning Microsoft Access test but any other assessment.
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Linkedin Microsoft Access Quiz

You want to validate a proposed modification to a record's values before the table is saved to the database. What data macro can you add to the table to do this?

  • After Update
  • After Insert
  • Before Change
  • Before Delete

Linkedin Microsoft Access assessment answers

The Run button and the View Datasheet button do exactly the same thing for which query type?

  • append
  • make table
  • select
  • delete

Microsoft Access Linkedin assessment

The expression values And, Not, and Or are found in what expression category?

  • comparison operators
  • string operators
  • logical operators
  • arithmetic operators

Microsoft Access Linkedin Quiz

You are creating a query that includes a date field. You want to retrieve records only from 2018. Which criteria, when added to the Date column, will accomplish this goal?

  • >=#1/1/2018# And <=#12/31/2018#
  • <=#1/1/2018# And >=#12/31/2018#
  • >=#1/1/2018# Or <=#12/31/2018#
  • >#1/1/2018# And <#12/31/2018#

Microsoft Access Linkedin Quiz answers

What is the result of Expr1: DateAdd( 'm' , -3 , Date() )?

  • the month number three months ago
  • the day of the week three days ago
  • the date three days in the future
  • the date exactly three months in the past

Microsoft Access Linkedin learning

Linkedin learning Microsoft Access

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