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LinkedIn Microsoft Project Skill Assessment

LinkedIn  Microsoft Project Exam Type: LinkedIn Test Answers
Expected positions: Top 5%, Top 15%, Top 30%
Last Updated: April 2024

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LinkedIn Microsoft Project Exam Answers 2024

Microsoft Project

You can force every leading recruiter and organization to become attentive to your skills. You can do so by demonstrating your key skills. Being a Project expert or manager, you need to showcase your practical skills like how to motivate project users, formatting, staying organized, scheduling, and data entry. 
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You will be given only a minute to diagnose a typical scenario and figure out the best possible solution. Following topics like Viewing, Resources, Breakdown structures, Multiple projects, Interfaces, Project Setup, and tasks have been wrapped into real-world scenarios. 
In other words, this is not going to be a straightforward question/answer session. Typical scenarios will be presenting various situations and obviously, answers will be varying as well. 

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Linkedin Microsoft Project assessment answers

A project contains many elements. What is used to describe the sum of the work required?

  • Resource Sheet
  • work breakdown structure
  • baseline
  • task links

Linkedin Microsoft Project Quiz answers

Which option is not available in the Report tab on the ribbon?

  • Network Diagram
  • Custom
  • Recent
  • New Report

Linkedin Microsoft Project test answers

You are troubleshooting a schedule on someone else's computer. The schedule has 10,000 tasks. When a change is made to a task's duration on a Fixed Units task, the start and finish dates do not change, change highlighting does not appear, and the Gantt Chart bar does not update. What is the cause of this issue?

  • Calculate project after each edit is set to Off.
  • Calculate multiple critical paths is not selected.
  • One of the Com add-ins is not selected.
  • Inserted projects are calculated like summary tasks is selected.

Microsoft Project assessment Linkedin answers 

You would like to understand which tasks are critical and which are not. When looking at the Gantt chart, how are these tasks identified by default?

  • Critical tasks are indicated in dark blue and other tasks are indicated in light blue.
  • Critical tasks are indicated with an icon and other tasks are indicated in blue.
  • Critical tasks are indicated in red and other tasks are indicated in blue.
  • Critical tasks are indicated in a report, while the Gantt chart indicates all tasks in blue.

Microsoft Project Linkedin Quiz answers

You are working on a project that has a task with no flexibility. Which constraint type offers no flexibility?

  • Finish No Earlier Than
  • Must Finish On
  • As Soon As Possible
  • Start No Earlier Than

Microsoft Project Linkedin assessment

Microsoft Project tutorial Linkedin

Microsoft Project Linkedin learning

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