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LinkedIn JavaScript Skill Assessment

LinkedIn  JavaScript Exam Type: LinkedIn Test Answers
Expected positions: Top 5%, Top 15%, Top 30%
Last Updated: June 2024

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LinkedIn JavaScript Exam Answers 2024


Linkedin recruiters will consider you a competent JavaScript developer if you can showcase your practical power regarding its implementation. You can stay on top if you can demonstrate skills regarding creation, coding, and building JavaScript functions and arrays. You should show practical implementation regarding the creation of HTML5 websites and interactive websites. 
If you perform a JavaScript LinkedIn assessment then you are going to enjoy the luxury career. Because you will be giving solid proof of practical skills as compared to those who are just listing these skills as their key skills but hesitant to demonstrate them. 

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LinkedIn JavaScript assessment test benefits

  • You will win a badge for passing this particular assessment.
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  • Recruiters will turn into your favor.
  • You can grab the attention of a wide audience. 
  • Your profile will start showing you as a competent professional.
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Can you aggressively face JavaScript LinkedIn Quizzes?

Data Types, Objects, Error handling, Asynchronous JS, Logic, JavaScript Fundamentals, Browser Integration, Code quality, and many other latest topics have been converted into real-world scenarios. Above all, you will find it difficult to diagnose the scenarios within a minute. 

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Linkedin JavaScript assessment test

Which statement creates a new Person object called "student"?

  • var student = Person();
  • var student = new Person();
  • var student = construct Person;
  • var student = construct Person();

linkedin JavaScript test answers

When would the final statement in the code shown be logged to the console? 

  • immediately
  • after 10000 seconds
  • after 10 seconds
  • after results are received from the HTTP request

JavaScript linkedin Quiz

How does a function create a closure?

  • It completes execution without returning.
  • It reloads the document whenever the value changes.
  • It copies a local variable to the global scope.
  • It returns a reference to a variable in its parent scope.

Linkedin JavaScript assessment answers

Which statement creates a new function called discountPrice?

  • let function = discountPrice(price) {
  •   return price * 0.85;
  •  }
  • let discountPrice = function(price) {
  •   return price * 0.85;
  •  };
  • discountPrice = function(price) {
  •   return price * 0.85;
  •  }
  • let discountPrice(price) {
  •   return price * 0.85;
  •  }

linkedin JavaScript assessment quiz answers

What is the result in the console of running the code shown?

var Storm = function() {};

Storm.prototype.precip = 'rain';

var WinterStorm = function() {};

WinterStorm.prototype = new Storm();

WinterStorm.prototype.precip = 'snow'; 

var bob = new WinterStorm();


  • 'snow'
  • undefined
  • Storm()
  • 'rain'

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