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LinkedIn Bash Skill Assessment

LinkedIn  Bash Exam Type: LinkedIn Test Answers
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Last Updated: July 2024

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LinkedIn Bash Exam Answers 2024


Being a Bash Programmer or Developer, you need to demonstrate your skills regarding Subshells, Environmental variables, AwK, Argument, and redirection handling. It is no longer considered the best approach to simply mention these skills as your key skills within the profile.
Linkedin has introduced a skill assessment feature for screening purposes. It has become pretty much easy for recruiters to shortlist the most appropriate professional. 

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  • Your fellows will be able to provide you the required jump through skill endorsement factor. 

You need to be aware of Linkedin Bash assessment obstacles

Linkedin experts are going to access your knowledge by indulging in all the latest topics into real-world scenarios. Like, you will be dealing with Scripting, Constructs, Commands, Access control, Pattern Matching, Operators, Expansion, and Data structures. All these topics have been twisted into typical scenarios and you need to come up with possible solutions or answers. Things get worse when you are given just a minute to diagnose the scenario and come to a solution. 
Here, our experts can assist you exceptionally well. They can save your time, money, and resources. 

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Bash Linkedin Quiz

What happens if you use set -e in a Bash script?

  • It will cause Bash to exit if a function or subshell returns a nonzero status code.
  • It will cause Bash to exit if local, declare, or typeset assignments return a nonzero status code.
  • It will cause Bash to exit if a conditional returns a non-zero status code.
  • It will cause Bash to exit if a command, list of commands, compound command, or potentially a pipeline returns a nonzero status code.

Bash Linkedin assessment

The _____ keyword pauses the script to get input from standard input.

  • get
  • read
  • input
  • argument

Linkedin Bash assessment

If file.sql holds SQL statements to be executed, what will be in file.txt?

mysql < file.sql > file.txt

  • the non-error output of the MySQL command
  • a copy of the contents of file.sql
  • an error indicating that this is invalid syntax
  • the error output of the MySQL command

Linkedin Bash test

How does the SUID or setuid bit affect executable commands?

  • When the command creates files, they will be owned by the group owner of the command.
  • The SUID bit allows anyone to execute the command no matter what other permissions are set.
  • When the command is executed, its running privileges elevate to the user owner of the command.
  • When the command is executed, its running privileges elevate to the group 

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