Privacy Policy

Data Collection

We collect user data like Name, Address. this data is provided by users voluntarily. This information is used to fulfill our requirements and we can also use this information for mailing services e-g: Newsletters. These preferences could be changed by users of our website. one of the main purpose for collecting data is that, when a user purchase any thing then we must have a trachback system by which we can solve users problems.

Exams Data

We are not an official partner of elance. We use our resources to collect data from the internet and utilize it. Both PDF file and Quick Answer WebApp include same questions. When we say last updated it does not mean that we have recently add questions in that exam; it could be due to change in the exam detail or success rate. If you fail using our product we will exchange your exam with some other exam's PDF file. This exchange is only available in case of webApp and we will only exchange it if you provide solid proofs about your failure (due to our product). We did not guarantee that PDF file contains each and every question of a specific exam. it is quite possible that you may see some new questions but 80% questions will be the same as in PDF File. If you have already took an exam and you want to improve your exam, then we did not guarantee on any of our products (PDF / WebApp). PDF File will be available for Download for 7 Days and WebApp is available for 24-Hours Only. In case of any problem in PDF or WebApp please contact us immediately, once product expired we will not take any action on that.
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Cookie/Tracking Technology

We also use cookie and tracking technologies for our better services. cookie also used for the improvement of our website. We may also share these tracking technologies and cookie with third parties. In case of cookie, we can generate as much cookies as we want to optimize our system. Please do not share any of your login information with your friends, it may block your account or remove products from your account.After that you have to manually mail us to re-open your account and add products in your account.

Information Distribution?

We will not share any of your information with any third party or with elance. Information will only be shared in case of any furadral issue. But we may share this information with our main Company under which we are running this project. in case of emergency, If we have to share any information with anyone, we may share it with out informing you

* We can change our privacy terms any time whenever we want without any notice. But it will be updated in our privacy page.