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LinkedIn Adobe XD Skill Assessment

LinkedIn  Adobe XD Exam Type: LinkedIn Test Answers
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Last Updated: July 2024

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LinkedIn Adobe XD Exam Answers 2024

Adobe XD

Linkedin Adobe XD test is going to assess your knowledge about XD interface, Interactivity, Animation, UX design, and integration. Now, it puts pressure on users who have mentioned themselves as the expert in prototyping and designing tools. Because you will have to prove this by taking this particular assessment, otherwise no one will believe in your skills. 
Eventually, a skill assessment feature has been introduced to assure both employer and employee that they will come across the most relevant personals. 

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We don’t discourage you from LinkedIn learning Adobe XD topics. But we just want you, not to put your reputation and time at stake. 

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Linkedin Learning Adobe XD

What does a folder icon in the Layers panel indicate?

  • a symbol
  • a screen element
  • a group
  • a component

Linkedin Adobe XD assessment answers

How would you put an image into a circular shape?

  • Import the image and apply a mask.
  • Create the image in Photoshop.
  • Drag and drop the image into the shape.
  • Import the image, resize it, and apply a mask.

Linkedin Adobe XD Quiz answers

You have been given an Adobe Photoshop file and need to create a prototype from the design in Adobe XD—maintaining all the layers. How do you do this?

  • Convert the PSD file to a PNG file.
  • Save the file from Photoshop as an XD file.
  • Open the PSD file in XD.
  • Copy and paste layers from the PSD file into XD.

Linkedin Adobe XD test

When scrolling in the Preview window, you notice an entire page composed of a status bar and a Repeat Grid that move up and down when scrolling. How can you stop the status bar from moving?

  • Select the status bar and move it to the top layer.
  • Select the Repeat Grid and send it to the back.
  • Lock the status bar.
  • Select the status bar and fix its position.

Adobe XD linkedin quiz answers

You want to share your project to a blog or social media. How would you accomplish this?

  • Link to the project from your Creative Cloud account.
  • Add your social media accounts to your invitation list.
  • Add the prototype link to a blog.
  • Use the prototype link.

Adobe XD linkedin assessment answers

Adobe XD linkedin learning

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