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LinkedIn Angular JS Skill Assessment

LinkedIn  Angular JS Exam Type: LinkedIn Test Answers
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Last Updated: May 2024

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LinkedIn Angular JS Exam Answers 2024


If you are advertising yourself through a Linkedin profile as JavaScript and AngularJS developer then it is not enough now. You will have to take the specific assessment to prove yourself as a serious professional. 
Skill Assessment feature has forced everyone to prove their key skills otherwise they have no chance to be selected by multinational organizations. 

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Professionals behind this assessment are having extensive experience and they have made this trial to assess your knowledge thoroughly. You should have exceptional knowledge of Routing, Modules, Forms, Dependency injection, Components & Directives, HTTP, and other latest topics. It gets more difficult when these terminologies are used in real-world scenarios and time restriction makes it almost impossible to handle.
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AngularJS Linkedin assessment

Linkedin Learning AngularJS

Linkedin Angular assessment answers

How would you make use of the following directive in markup based on its selector value?
  selector: '[appTruncate]'
export class TruncateDirective {
  . . .
  • Some long text
  • Some long text
  • Some long text
  • Some long text

Linkedin AngularJS assessment answers

What is the RouterModule.forRoot method used for?
  • indicating that Angular should cheer on your routes to be successful
  • registering route definitions at the root application level
  • declaring that you intend to use routing only at the root level
  • registering any providers that you intend to use in routed components

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