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LinkedIn C (Programming Language) Skill Assessment

LinkedIn  C (Programming Language) Exam Type: LinkedIn Test Answers
Expected positions: Top 5%, Top 15%, Top 30%
Last Updated: May 2024

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LinkedIn C (Programming Language) Exam Answers 2024

C (Programming Language)

It adds more responsibility on LinkedIn users to showcase their skills by demonstrating them through Linkedin Skill Assessments. This means, if you know how to implement your key skills practically, then you have a chance to stay ahead.
On the other hand, recruiters have started to rely heavily on skill assessments. Now you have a chance to grab a top position for yourself by showing that you know everything about Variables, Basic topics, Memory allocation, Pointers, Flow control, C++, and Objective C. 
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Beware of the tricky topics of Linkedin learning C Programming

Linkedin subject matter experts have included topics about String, Loops, Data types, Data structures, Advanced structures, Memory management, storage, and many other latest topics. So you will have to be aggressive and vigilant as linked experts have twisted these topics into real-world scenarios.
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C Programming language Linkedin assessment answers

C structures (structs) can be considered to be a precursor to classes in object-oriented languages. What is a fundamental difference between structs and classes?

  • Only data, not methods or functions, is allowed in a struct.
  • Struct is a way to encapsulate different kinds of data into one structure.
  • Struct uses dot notation to reference its members.
  • The struct construct allows dynamic allocation of instances.

Linkedin learning C Programming

The "default" keyword is used within which statement syntax?

  • switch
  • while
  • if
  • struct

Linkedin C Programming assessment answers

In C, how are constants different from regular variables?

  • Constants cannot be modified after their definition.
  • Constants must be defined using only capital letters.
  • Constants are limited to integer and character data types.
  • Constants must be declared at the top and not inside the main function.

C (Programming Language) assessment linkedin answers

What is the main cause of memory leaks in applications?

  • incorrect type of memory being allocated
  • not enough memory being allocated for the program to work properly
  • memory being allocated and never being deallocated
  • more memory being allocated than used

linkedin skill Quiz answers C

Which operator is used to access the address of a variable?

  • *
  • &
  • **
  • %

C Programming Language linkedin assessment

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