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Pass Freelancer US English Level 1 Exam

Freelancer  US English Level 1 Exam Type: Freelancer Skill Test
Expected positions: 85% to 98%
Last Updated: July 2024

Pass Freelance Test
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Freelancer US English Level 1 Exam Answers 2024

Freelancer US English test is an English qualification test on
It consists of questions which have multiple choice answers. You have to select the right one from 5 possible answers.
This test has 3 levels, we can help you pass all 3 of them. (Links for US English level 2 & 3 are given below)

US English Level 2 Test Answers

US English Level 3 Test Answers

Why Freelancer us English Level 1 test is important?

All freelancer tests add value to your freelancer profile. Freelancer itself mentioned this on their exam page that the people who pass their relevant freelancer skill tests has a 25% more chance to win project compared to those who don’t. 

In addition to that these exams results show up alongside your freelancer bid which makes your profile standout to employer when he sees list of applicants. 

However, Freelancer US English Level 1 Test is more important compared to other exams and reason for that is it has a special feature. That is, it makes your profile complete. Let me explain. 
Whenever a new freelancer creates a profile, freelancer gives him a percentage on adding details to profile like address, verifying phone number, adding payment method, etc. and in those steps, there is a certain percentage only given when you pass US English Level 1 test. 

In addition to that, this test also gives an impression that you are fluent and capable of speaking and communicating in English so nothing will be lost in translation and you will be able to understand the (English speaking) employers requirements just fine and efficiently.


Why US English Level 1 test is so hard?

Now here is the weird part about this test, for some strange reason, only gives you 5 minutes to pass this test (while for all other tests its 15 minutes time frame)
Every test has a set of 40 questions, so it means you get around 7 seconds per question. 
7 seconds is pretty inadequate to answer each question, you barely get time to read a question. Most of the time you will timeout before you could answer all 40 questions. 
Passing score is 75% is due to this short amount of time its very possible you will not be able to make it. Even if you do, chances are you will score barely about 75%. Which you can understand not a very presentable score to show to your potential clients. You need to have minimum 85% or above to impress them.


How to Pass US English Level 1 Exam Freelancer without our help!

You can pass this test but you need to have some money in your account because you might need a couple of tries before you can score a 75% plus result. 
What you need is that you have to be super-fast and you should be good with English as you wont have time to google or rethink anything. You just have to quickly read and mark the answer and hit next question button. 
No review, No thinking and Absolutely NO Googling! because if you do, you will simply timeout and you know each exam fee is 5$ you will be putting on risk. 
if you think you have all this, Great! Go ahead and Good Luck!
(If not, there is an easier way ;)

How to pass US English level 1 exam in freelancer with our help

We can help you pass this test quick and easy; you know each test fee is 5$, you just need to pay us 10$ and we will take care of all this and you will have this test passed in just 10 minutes. 
We charge 10$ for it. Our services come with money back guarantee that we will help you achieve 85%-98% score Guaranteed. Just buy our services and get it passed in No time at all. Add this exam to cart and go ahead with purchase. Our team will be waiting for you on Skype so we can get started. 
(Note: you need to have very good speed to pass it via TeamViewer, otherwise we will need your login details)

Who can benifit from this test ?

Apart from making your profile "Complete", Freelancer US English skill test is for anyone wants to show their proficiency in English language. It can be anyone related to writing business or just to show that you have a fair understanding of English and can read, write and communicate in US English.

Why avoid websites that have freelancer US English level 1 test answers

There are multiple reasons for that.

1: They do have some questions but they don’t have “All” questions

So even those who have 100s of questions listed on them don’t have them all, trust us when we say freelancer questions database is huge, more then 1000s questions in there for only freelancer US English level 1 exam.

2:They don’t (always) have the right answers.

Answers you see marked on these websites are the ones what those website owners think is the right answer. May be sometime they are right but not all the time. You can check them by yourself before taking exam and you will know we were right. This point is very important because only 5 minutes you have for this test, and you don’t have any test time to double think what answer should you go first, should it be the one the website tells you or the one you think is right. On the other hand, we have database of all questions with right answers for US English test which we have verified by taking test multiple time and by achieving 85%-98% score every time.

3: keeps updating

Freelancer exams are regularly updated and we too often see new questions. (Which we add to our database). Those free websites having questions answers don’t do that because they don’t have any responsibility to clients which we do as we guarantee a certain score for all tests and we provide compensation if that score is not achieved by us. So, we make sure we deliver what we promised you whenever you buy our services for US English test Level 1 or any other test.

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