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LinkedIn Amazon web services AWS Skill Assessment

LinkedIn  Amazon web services AWS Exam Type: LinkedIn Test Answers
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Last Updated: May 2024

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LinkedIn Amazon web services AWS Exam Answers 2024

Amazon Web Services AWS

You can stay ahead of your competitors if you are an AWS expert and have knowledge about AWS architects, Cloud computing services, and creating full-stack websites. Thing is, LinkedIn is no longer relying on listing any hot skills as your key skills within the profile. Now you need to prove it by taking the most relevant assessment.
Linkedin recruiters urge you to showcase your skills by demonstrating the specific assessment. Skill assessment feature is facilitating both employer and employee as they can find the most relevant personals.

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Linkedin Amazon Web Services (AWS) assessment answers

You have a large amount of files on your network-attached storage array that must be archived and maintained for a period of 10 years due to industry regulations. This data will be infrequently accessed but must be kept. What is the best AWS service for storing this data?

  • EBS
  • EFS
  • Snowball
  • S3 Glacier

Linkedin AWS assessment Quiz answers

For your AWS root account, you have generated a random password of the maximum allowed length and included special characters. Which additional steps should you take to secure your AWS root account?

  • Create an IAM role for the account administrator with the highest privileges and do not use the root account in day-to-day operations. Enable two-factor authentication on the root account.
  • Store your randomly generated password in your organizational secrets database using a service such as 1Password or LastPass, and only grant access to this secret to the DevOps team.
  • Create IAM accounts for your administrators and attach the AdministratorAccess policy to their accounts. Disable the root account in the user settings.
  • Create an IAM role for the account administrator with the highest privileges. Do not store the root password, but when the root account is needed, reset the password on the root account via email confirmation and repeat this procedure.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) assessment linkedin answers

Which elastic load Balancing option supports Lambda as a target?

  • Classic Load Balancer
  • Network Load Balancer
  • Application Load Balancer
  • Lambda can not be called directly by incoming web requests, you must use API Gateway.

linkedin Amazon Web Services assessment

How do you architect a solution for an SQL Server database to be replicated across AWS regions in an active-active architecture?

  • Use a VPN or VPC peering to establish a connection between the VPCs in each region. Install SQL Server Enterprise Edition on EC2 instances in each region and configure an Always On availability group.
  • Use RDS for SQL Server and create the same instance in two different regions. Use Database Migration Service to keep each database in sync.
  • Use RDS for SQL Server 2016 or 2017 Enterprise Edition. Enable Multi-AZ support and select the Mirroring / Always On option. Select another region for the mirroring option.
  • You can not set up an active-active architecture for SQL Server that spans geographic regions.

linkedin AWS skill assessment answers

What does it cost to launch an EC2 instance from the AWS Marketplace?

  • All images in the AWS Marketplace contain only open-source software with no additional fees and are created by other AWS users. You will only pay for the instance size you select.
  • Each image has its own pricing that could either be free, or include charges for software licensing costs. You will also pay for the instance the image runs on.
  • All images in the AWS Marketplace incur additional hourly fees in addition to the charges from the instance size you select.
  • You can only launch images that were created by other users on your AWS account, so you only pay for the instance size you select and the S3 storage costs for the base image.

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