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LinkedIn Microsoft Power Automate Skill Assessment

LinkedIn  Microsoft Power Automate Exam Type: LinkedIn Test Answers
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Last Updated: April 2024

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LinkedIn Microsoft Power Automate Exam Answers 2024

Microsoft Power Automate

It is not sufficient anymore to advertise yourself as a Power Automate expert and not to demonstrate the schedule flows, portable flows, trigger flows, and multiple flows. You will be considered the best in your field only when you take a LinkedIn Microsoft Power Automate assessment. 
If you follow this approach, you will be able to beat every other competitor who is not demonstrating skills that are added to his profile. Hence, every leading recruiter and organization will be keen in knowing about your skills and exposure. 

Microsoft Power Automate assessment answers

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Beware of typical scenarios that have varying situations

Linkedin experts have played smart here since they are not going to put straightforward queries and expect straightforward answers in return. They will be wrapping up technical terminologies into complex scenarios and obviously, their answers will be varying as well. 
This means, you need to have exceptional knowledge of Initialization types, Power automate admin, building from templates, fundamentals, and building from scratch. 

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Microsoft Power Automate Linkedin answers

How would you make a flow available to a single team channel in Microsoft Teams? 

  • In Power Automate, share the flow only with the users in that channel, then advise them to add the URL to their list of saved links in Teams.
  • In the channel, click Add a tab and select Flow, then share the flow with the matching user group.
  • You cannot restrict users at the channel level.
  • Create a new channel called Shared Team Flows and post a link in the team chat.

Microsoft Power Automate Linkedin Quiz

How can you create an instant flow that requires user input?

  • Start an instant flow with a manual trigger. On the edit screen, click the manual trigger step and then click Add item.
  • Start the flow with the Add input trigger, then add the manual button action after that.
  • Search for a manual trigger with input items in the Button connector list.
  • Start an instant flow with a manual trigger, then add conditions that include the needed input.

Microsoft Power Automate Linkedin test answers

What are expressions?

  • ranges of values used to express scopes, especially for testing flows
  • formulas that are used to define the results of flow results in terms of syntax
  • conditions that are used within arrays to determine action outputs
  • formulas that can contain one or more functions, operators, variables, explicit values, or constants

Linkedin Microsoft Power Automate assessment

How can you use Power Automate from within OneDrive for Business?

  • You can create flows at the folder level, but there are limitations on the types of flows you can create.
  • In the left navigation, click Power Automate to open the application.In the left navigation, click null to open the application.
  • You can create flows for individual files by opening them and selecting Flow from the file's ribbon or menu bar.
  • From the menu bar, you can create flows at the file, folder, or complete library level.

Linkedin Microsoft Power Automate skill assessment test

Why would you use automated triggers?

  • to run flows at set times to copy files from one source to another
  • to set your calendar to show busy when you need to be offline for a whileIn the left navigation, click Power Automate to open the application.
  • as a way of requesting approvals for individual files in a review process
  • as a method to perform actions as a result of changes to data,You shouldn't need to—just select templates that have all the steps you need in them.

Linkedin learning Power Automate

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