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LinkedIn jQuery Skill Assessment

LinkedIn  jQuery Exam Type: LinkedIn Test Answers
Expected positions: Top 5%, Top 15%, Top 30%
Last Updated: June 2024

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LinkedIn jQuery Exam Answers 2024


If you are looking to get selected as a JQuery Developer then you will have to provide proof of your practical knowledge. You need to demonstrate all the listed key skills. Like you should know how to retrieve and manipulate page content by using CSS, how to add third-party content, animation, or dynamic content. 
On the other side, organizations and recruiters are showing their confidence in individuals who are demonstrating key skills. Now LinkedIn has made sure to promote professionals by dint of their practical skills.

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Perks of JQuery LinkedIn assessment

  • You will gain appreciation on every forum.
  • You will win a badge for passing this assessment.
  • Recruiters will acknowledge your practical sense.
  • Your fellows can provide proof of your skills through skill endorsement.
  • Eventually, you will win a place in a multinational organization and this will take your income sky-high. 

Tricky JQuery LinkedIn Quiz can make you fall short

You may know about Plugins, Classes, JQuery General, Animation, Ajax, Events, Traversing & selecting, Mutating elements, and many latest techniques. But things get complicated when LinkedIn experts wrap these topics into complex scenarios. Moreover, restricted time won’t let you think for more than a minute.

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linkedin learning JQuery

Generally speaking, when used on a web page, how should jQuery be installed, and why?

  • Just before the closing body tag, because we want to avoid blocking other resources from loading, and we use the ready method to make sure our code fires after the DOM is ready 
  • Using the highest version number possible because only jQuery 3 and up are compatible with Internet Explorer 7
  • In the head tag because we want jQuery available as soon as possible
  • From a CDN because we want to be able to use jQuery online or offline

linkedin jQuery assessment

Given this HTML code, how can you make this button disappear from the page using jQuery?

  • $('.btn-primary').hide();
  • $('.btn-primary').show(false);
  • $('.btn-primary').visibility(false);
  • $('.btn-primary:visible').not();

linkedin jQuery Quiz answers

What is the difference between $('header').html()and $('header').text()?

  • $('header').html() returns the inner HTML of the header. $('header').text() returns only the text.
  • $('header').html() returns all headers in an HTML document. $('header').text() returns the first line of a text file.
  • $('header').html() strips all HTML from the header. $('header').text() always returns an empty string.
  • $('header').html() returns only the HTML tags used, without the text. $('header').text() returns the text with all whitespace removed.

jQuery linkedin assessment

When writing jQuery plugins, you often provide default options that the end user may override. What jQuery function is most useful for this purpose?

  • $.merge
  • $.clone
  • $.extend
  • $.fn.extend

jQuery linkedin Quiz

You want to work with AJAX using a Promise-like interface instead of nested callback functions. What jQuery API should you use?

  • jQuery.sub
  • jQuery.ajaxTransport
  • jQuery.Deferred
  • jQuery.proxy

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