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LinkedIn Git Skill Assessment

LinkedIn  Git Exam Type: LinkedIn Test Answers
Expected positions: Top 5%, Top 15%, Top 30%
Last Updated: June 2024

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LinkedIn Git Exam Answers 2024


Linkedin recruiters are looking for purely practical individuals. So you have a chance only if you demonstrate your key skills. Remember, it cannot benefit you anymore if you just mention hot skills as your key skills. 
Being a Git expert, you need to be an expert at Git Linkedin quizzes such as Git architecture, version control system, how to maintain efficient code management, updating the repository files, and version comparison. 
Thing is, recruiters find it pretty useful to screen their required candidates with precise skills. Hence, if you know the practical implementation of your skills then you can stay ahead. 

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Git Linkedin Quiz

What will this command print to the Terminal?

git remote -v

  • The current git version you're running
  • An inline editor for modifying remote repositories
  • A list of remote repositories you are connected to
  • The last 5 git versions you've installed

Linkedin Git Quiz

Looking at the following commands, describe what is happening.

Describe what is happening given these commands:

git checkout feature-user-location

git cherry-pick {af5597c29467a96523a70787c319f4db}

  • The commit is being cherry picked as the new HEAD of the commit history.
  • A commit is being copied from the feature-user-location branch to the master branch.
  • The commit is being tagged for release on the feature-user-location branch.
  • A commit is being copied from its original branch over to the feature-user-location branch

Git linkedin test

What does the following command do to the git repository history?

git reset --soft HEAD^

  • Undoes the last commit in the working branch and sets the HEAD back one commit.
  • Deletes all previous commits and resets the repository history back to its initial state.
  • Keeps the HEAD at the current commit, but clears all previous commits.
  • Resets the working branch to the first commit.

Git linkedin assessment

You find a bug in your project, but can't locate where it was introduced in the commit history. How would you diagnose this problem?

  • Use git bisect to compare the buggy commit to an early commit that works as expected.
  • Use git search -diff to compare all commits in your repository history.
  • Manually backtrack through your commit history.
  • Run a git rebase to find the buggy commit.

linkedin Git assessment answers

Why would the following command be used?

Why would you use this command?

git rebase -i HEAD~10

  • To delete the last 10 commits and resets the HEAD
  • To run a comparative search of the last 10 commits for differences
  • To list the last 10 commits and modify them with either the squash or fixup command
  • In order to locally cache the last 10 commits

Linkedin Git skill assessment

Linkedin Git test

Git Linkedin learning

Linkedin Git course

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