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LinkedIn C++ Skill Assessment

LinkedIn  C++ Exam Type: LinkedIn Test Answers
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Last Updated: May 2024

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LinkedIn C++ Exam Answers 2024


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C++ Linkedin Quiz

What's a benefit of declaring the parameter as a const reference instead of declaring it as a regular object?

int median(const my_array& a);

  • There are no benefits because a reference and an object are treated as the same thing.
  • The argument is passed as a reference, so if the passed my_array object is large, the program will require less time and memory.
  • Actually, objects can't be passed as regular variables, because they require a constructor call. Therefore, a const reference is the only way to pass class instances to functions.
  • The argument is passed as a reference, so the function receives a copy that can be modified without affecting the original variable.

C++ Linkedin assessment

What's the storage occupied by u1?


 uint16_t a;

 uint32_t b;

 int8_t   c;


  • 7 bytes
  • 2 bytes
  • 8 bytes
  • 4 bytes

Linkedin C++ Programming Quiz answers

Which of the following operators is overloadable?

  • ::
  • .
  • ?:
  • new

Linkedin C++ questions

Which of the following shows the contents of vectors pointed by v1 and v2 after running this code?

std::vector *v1 = new std::vector ({1,2,3});

std::vector *v2;





*v1: {1,2,3,4,5} 

        *v2: {1,2,3,4,5}


         *v1: {1,2,3,4} 

      *v2: {5}


     *v1: {1,2,3,4} 

    *v2: {1,2,3,5}



Linkedin C++ Quiz answers

Which of the following is NOT a difference between a class and a struct?

Template type parameters can be declared with the class keyword, but not with the struct keyword.

Because structs are part of the C programming language, there's some compatibility between C and C++ using structs. This is not the case with classes.

The default access specifier for members of structs is public, whereas for members of classes, it is private.

Classes may have member functions; structs can't.

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Linkedin C++ assessment test

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