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LinkedIn C# Skill Assessment

LinkedIn  C# Exam Type: LinkedIn Test Answers
Expected positions: Top 5%, Top 15%, Top 30%
Last Updated: June 2024

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LinkedIn C# Exam Answers 2024


Linkedin Skill Assessments have made it pretty easy for practical professionals to beat others. You can stay ahead of all if you are going to demonstrate the skills that you have added to your profile. 
As a C# Developer you can showcase your skills regarding Object-Oriented Programming, Inheritance, Enumeration, Interfaces, Events, Reference parameters, and an Abstract class. Hence you will be considered as the most competent professional as compared to those who are just listing the same skills as their key skills but not showing the proof of their skills.
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Linked subject matter experts are improving their content effectively. They will be testing your knowledge about LINQ, Inheritance, Serialization, Reflection, Fundamentals, Networking, Communication, Lambda Expressions, and many latest topics being practiced worldwide. Things get complicated when they wrap up all the mentioned terminologies into typical scenarios and impose a very strict time limit of 1 minute for each answer. 
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Linkedin C# test answers

How could you retrieve information about a class, as well as create an instance at runtime?

  • serialization
  • dependency Injection
  • reflection
  • abstraction

Linkedin C# assessment answers

What is this code an example of?  

private static object objA;

private static object objB;

    private static void performTaskA()


        lock (objB)



            lock (objA) { }



    private static void PerformTaskB()


        lock (objA)


            lock (objB) { }



  • a potential deadlock
  • multithread coding
  • thread mismanagement
  • a private class that uses multithreading

C# linkedin test

What is the difference between an anonymous type and a regular data type?

  • Anonymous types don't work with LINQ.
  • Anonymous types can only be static.
  • Anonymous types can only be used in structs.
  • Anonymous types don't have type names.

C# Linkedin learning

When would you use a Dictionary rather than an Array type in your application?

  • when you need to store key-value pairs rather than single values
  • when you need to store values of the same type
  • when you need a jagged collection structure
  • when you need an ordered, searchable list

C# Linkedin Quiz answers

What is the difference between a.Equals(b) and a == b?

  • The .Equals method compares reference types while == compares primitive value types.
  • The .Equals method compares primitive values while == compares all values.
  • The .Equals method compares contents while == compares reference identity.
  • The .Equals method compares reference identities while the == compares contents.

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