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LinkedIn Microsoft PowerPoint Skill Assessment

LinkedIn  Microsoft PowerPoint Exam Type: LinkedIn Test Answers
Expected positions: Top 5%, Top 15%, Top 30%
Last Updated: April 2024

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LinkedIn Microsoft PowerPoint Exam Answers 2024

Microsoft PowerPoint

Things have dramatically changed now, so you won’t be considered a true expert of PowerPoint applications until you demonstrate skills in how to create and manage presentations. You will have to show that you are good at formatting & inserting text, images, shapes, tables, media, SmartArt, animation, and transitions. 
This is why Linkedin has introduced Microsoft PowerPoint Linkedin assessment. If you pass this assessment then you can beat all others who are not demonstrating their key skills. Ultimately, you will be considered as the most suitable professional for relevant jobs. You can draw the attention of all the leasing recruiters and organizations. 

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Linkedin experts are going to assess your knowledge about Layouts, Setup, Exporting, Charts, Printing, Text, Sharing, Presentation, and Transition. Things get tricky when they don’t ask straightforward questions, mentioned topics have indeed been twisted into typical scenarios. This means Linkedin Microsoft PowerPoint assessment answers won’t be straightforward as well, they will be varying according to the given situation by the scenarios. 

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Microsoft PowerPoint Linkedin test

Which tab is best for adding various types of objects to slides?

  • Insert
  • View
  • Animations
  • File

Microsoft PowerPoint Linkedin Quizlet

Which SmartArt category can you use to make informational graphics out of bullet points?

  • Pyramid
  • Matrix
  • List
  • all of these answers

Microsoft PowerPoint assessment test Linkedin answers

Which of the following is NOT checked when you run the Accessibility Checker?

  • reading order
  • slide titlesf
  • grammar
  • missing alt text

Linkedin Microsoft PowerPoint assessment answers

How can you change the appearance of a table in one click?

  • Apply a cell style.
  • Apply a graphic style.
  • Right-click a table and choose a new style.
  • Apply a table style.

Linkedin skill assessment PowerPoint answers

Which option changes a text box so that it automatically changes shape to fit longer text?

  • Resize shape to fit text
  • none of these answers
  • Do not autofit
  • Shrink text on overflow

Linkedin PowerPoint assessment Quiz answers

Microsoft PowerPoint Linkedin Quiz answers

Microsoft PowerPoint Linkedin assessment

Microsoft PowerPoint skills assessment Linkedin answers

Microsoft PowerPoint Linkedin assessment answers

Microsoft PowerPoint Linkedin answers

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