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LinkedIn Rhino Skill Assessment

LinkedIn  Rhino Exam Type: LinkedIn Test Answers
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Last Updated: July 2024

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LinkedIn Rhino Exam Answers 2024

  Linkedin Rhino questions and answers

What does the CSec command create?

  • cross-section curves from multiple surfaces in different views
  • cross-section curves through profile curves
  • cross-section curves from closed polysurfaces
  • cross-section curves from open polysurfaces

Linkedin Rhino Quiz

What does Flip Normals (Windows) or Flip All (Mac) alter in the Offsetsrf command?

  • It changes the distance the surface will be offset.
  • It changes the continuity of the offset.
  • It changes the direction in which the surface will be offset.
  • It changes whether the offset will be a surface or solid.

Rhino Linkedin skill assessment test

With the Gumball option On, how do you move objects with the gumball?

  • Select the object, then hold the Alt key (Windows) or Option key (Mac) and drag the appropriate arrow.
  • Right-click the object, then drag the appropriate arrow.
  • Select the object, then type "Gumball" in the command line and enter the distance value.
  • Select the object, then drag the appropriate gumball arrow.

Rhino Linkedin test answers

How can you change your project's unit of measurement?

  • Click Options > General (Windows) or Edit > Change Degree (Mac).
  • Click File > Change Units (Windows) or Tools > File Utility (Mac).
  • Click Options > Units (Windows) or File > Settings > Units (Mac).
  • Click Options > General > Mode (Windows) or File > Revert To (Mac).

Rhino Linkedin assessment test

You want to create evenly spaced copied of objects along the X, Y, and Z axes. What command would you use?

  • Scatter
  • ProjectToCPlane
  • Maelstrom
  • Array

  Rhino Linkedin learning

  Linkedin learning Rhino

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