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LinkedIn Adobe Animate Skill Assessment

LinkedIn  Adobe Animate Exam Type: LinkedIn Test Answers
Expected positions: Top 5%, Top 15%, Top 30%
Last Updated: June 2024

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LinkedIn Adobe Animate Exam Answers 2024

Adobe Animate

Linkedin skill assessments have been introduced to showcase your skills through solid proof. Now, you cannot simply mention any skill as your key skill and consider it associated with your profile. If you list key skills within the profile then you will have to prove that as well by taking niche-specific assessments. 
You have a chance if you have got some practical knowledge. On the other hand, leading recruiters have started to rely on this feature, as it does thorough screening in terms of key skills. 

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Your skills will be acknowledged by everyone else. 
You will be able to grab the attention of a huge audience.
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Your fellows will be able to give you more hype by endorsing your skills.

You need years of experience to pass this assessment

This particular assessment will ask queries regarding animation, graphics, publishing, file formats, drawing, timeline, programming, user interfaces, and many more. You might know about these topics but experts have twisted these topics into real-time scenarios and the restricted time limit will make you fall short. 
We urge you to stop consulting lengthy Adobe Animate tutorials and join our services. In the end, you will be saving your time, money, resources, and reputation. 

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Linkedin Adobe Animate assessment

When importing a sound file into your Animate project, where does the sound file always appear?
  • in the currently selected frame
  • in the project library
  • in the project library and upon the Stage
  • upon the Stage

Linkedin Adobe Animate test answers

When drawing artwork in Animate, you find that a bit of variance in your strokes would benefit the drawing. How is this most easily achieved?
  • by applying a variable width profile to your strokes
  • by using a staggered stroke style
  • by choosing Advanced Stroke from the Properties panel for your selected drawing tool—before any strokes are created
  • by selecting a stroke and then selecting Modify > Shape > Advanced Smooth

Linkedin Learning Adobe Animate

While doing research in extending Animate for additional tasks, you come across the term JSFL. What does this term mean?
  • JavaScript for Flash
  • J Script for Flash
  • Flash Player JavaScript
  • JavaScript for Flash Components

Linked in learning Adobe Animate

When would you use the Paste in Place command rather than Paste?
  • to paste the asset in the same layer from which it was copied or cut
  • to paste the asset in the same folder group from which it was copied or cut
  • to paste the asset in the same 3D space from which it was copied or cut
  • to paste the asset in the same x/y position from which it was copied or cut

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