Guarantee policy

KickExam provides 100% Pass Guarantee for all Elance Skill tests. Our PDF contains all Questions and Answers for any exam. You can easily pass exams with our PDFs and QuickAnswer Page. Incase you failed in skill test using our product (QA Page only), KickExam will provide you compensation Failure can be defined as you see questions in exam that were not provided in our QuickAnswer Page and you failed to achieve "Pass" status at your Elance profile In case of failure you have to inform us at "Contact us" page and explain your issue Our team will get in contact with you to check this issue within 24 hour and if claim is valid we will provide you as compenstation any PDF you want for any exam for FREE within 48 hour of claim. These all terms are valid only for QuickAnswer Page, we did not provide any guarantee for PDF files.

oDesk Guarantee Claim will only be considered for Questions + Answers file. There will be no claim accepted for Questions only file. We guarantee that you will achieve
(1)"Pass" status
(2)TOP 10-30%
(3) 4.0+ score using our Questions+Answers file.
If customer is able to achieve any of these 3 condition, he will be considered as passed and No claim will be accepted if either of these 3 status is achieved.

You must claim your product within 48 hours and before it expires. We will not consider claim on any expired product and to claim your product you must send us screenshots of the questions that you faced during exam. We will check that either those questions are available in our products or not then any further action will be taken

* We can change our Guarantee terms any time whenever we want without any notice. But it will be updated in our guarantee page.

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