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Copy & Paste following statement to QuickAnswer Page
Demo Test.
What does SEO stand for?
Superior E-marketing Optimization
Special Entry Offer
Search Engine Orientation
Search Engine Optimization
Which of the following creates the largest HTML header text?
function foo($bar) { if($bar['soap'] != 'Zest') { return $bar['soap']; } } Which best describes the function foo()?
It is syntactically incorrect
It will return an error
It is an anonymous function
The parameter(s) passed to it is/are an associative array
It opens an infinite loop
When an order is placed by Credit Card, when does the payment gateway capture the money?
Upon Invoice
When the shipment email gets sent
When Customer Enters the Payment Information
Upon Shipment
Which element represents a nested browsing context, effectively embedding another HTML page into the current page?
This software is used for pagination:
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Dreamweaver
What does PPC stand for?
Pay Per Click
Pay Per Connection
Pay Per Contact
Pay Per Customer
Where would you find information about your account performance?
The Metrics tab
The Performance tab
The Statistics tab
The Home tab
WordPress.com is a service which
is the administration location of the provider of platform software.
allows you to have unlimited weblogs under a single account.
allows you to set up a blog for free.
is where you will find all the answers to your technical questions.
What does the printer use to make sure the correct colors are being printed on the correct plates?
Registration Marks
Crop Marks
A Densitometer
Color Bars
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