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Why it is Damn Important to Pass Skill tests with High Score?

  • » If you are new to and don't have any portfolio, reviews or rating on your profile then the Best way to showcase your skills are your High Skill Test score.
  • » Established profiles also need High Skill Test score as clients consider this as a factor, including other factors like your Portfolio, Rating, etc.
  • » Surveys proved that all hiring companies check and value you if Skill Test score is High or average.
  • » Recruiters does not consider you seriously unless you have proved your abilities in your Skill Test score.
  • » Only best of the Best score (85%-100%) can bring you among the Top Candidates. Average score or tests in which you failed can create a bad impression.
  • » We understand that people don’t hire you just for your great results but when having to choose between 2 freelancers the clue to will surely choose the one with the high score on the tests. So you will be incrementing your chances of being hired with High Score that we promise (85%-100%)
  • » If you have High score for a skill and you bid on same skill job, Freelancer will show your profile in the top of list. That will make your chances of hiring 200-300% more than the profile without Skill Tests.

Available Freelancer Exams
3DsMax Level-1 ActionScript 3.0 Level-1 Adobe Illustrator CS5 Level-1 Adobe Illustrator CS5 Level-2 Adobe Photoshop CS5 Level-1 Adobe Photoshop CS5 Level-2 AJAX Programming Level-1 Android Level-1 ASP.NET Level-1 AWS Level-1 Basic Numeracy Level-1 Blogging Level-1 C Programming Level-1 C# Programming Level-1 C++ Level-1 Computer Graphics Level-1 Computer Security Level-1 Delphi Programming Level-1 Drupal Level-1 Facebook API Level-1 Flash CS5 Level-1 Google AdSense Level-1 Google SEO Exam Level 1 Google Webmaster Central Level-1 Google Website Optimizer Level-1 HTML Level-1 HTML Level-2 HTML Level-3 HTML5 Level-1 iPhone Development Level-1 Java Level-1 Java Level-2 JavaScript Level-1 JavaScript Level-2 JavaScript Level-3 Joomla! Level-1 JQuery Level-1 JQuery Level-2 MYSQL Level-1 Objective-C Level-1 PhoneGap Level-1 PHP Level-1 PHP Level-2 PHP Level-3 PHP5 Level-1 Preferred Freelancer Program SLA Test Python Level-1 Ruby on Rails Level-1 SEO Level-1 SEO Level-2 SEO Level-3 SQL Server Level-1 Twitter API Level-1 Twitter Development Level-1 UK English Level-1 UK English Level-2 US English Level-1 US English Level-2 US English Level-3 VB.NET Level-1 Windows Phone Level-1 Windows Phone Level-2 WordPress Level-1 XHTML Level-1 XML Level-1

We provide services to help you with the tough freelancer exam answers. Our experts will help you 24/7 with total privacy and will make sure that your profile stands out in the crowd. Contractors are always looking to hire the most talented person in the crowd of developers and what better way to impress then with your high skill tests results. Freelancer will give you edge over other profiles as while showing potential candidates for any job, freelancer algorithms prefer profiles having skill tests cleared with high score relevant to the job being assigned over other profiles, this makes your chances of being hired a lot more than normal worker. These are not our words but freelancer says that on their skill test page as well.

Each Skill test have 40 questions and you have to answer correct in just 15 minutes, this makes each question answering time to 22 seconds. This is pretty low and if you failed making it through the exam you not only lose your money but your integrity as well because you are a good developer and we know that. But these tests provides too less of a time to prove yourself a good enough developer so no need to hassle, just let our experts help you with your tests needs. We will make sure you get 85%-98% score for sure or we will refund your amount. That is how confident and Guaranteed our services are and we are available 24/7. Just add us at Skype or email us so that we can set up a time to clear your required exams.

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