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In your Web application, you create a class to implement the IHttpHandler interface. Which code will display the Warning.jpg image in the browser whenever the handler is requested?

public void ProcessRequest(HttpContext ctx){StreamReader sr = new StreamReader(OpenRead(ctx.Server.MapPath("Warning.jpg")));ctx.Response.Pics("pic ");sr.Close();}
public void ProcessRequest(HttpContext ctx){StreamReader sr = new StreamReader(_File.OpenRead(ctx.Server.MapPath("Warning.jpg")));ctx.Response(sr.ReadToEnd());}
public void ProcessRequest(HttpContext ctx){ctx.Response.ContentType = "image/jpg";FileStream fs = File.OpenRead(_ctx.Server.MapPath("Warning.jpg"));int b = 0;while ((b == fs.ReadByte()) != -1) {ctx.Response.OutputStream.WriteByte(Convert.
public void ProcessRequest(HttpContext ctx){ctx.Response.TransmitFile("image/jpg");(_ctx.Server.MapPath("Warning.jpg"));Stream b = default(Stream);while ((b == fs.ReadByte()) != -1) {ctx.Response.Output.Write((b));}Fs.Close();}
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